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Approved for 9 Hours IL CE

Superhuman Success Strategies
Dave Whitley - The Iron Tamer

Prepare to have your mind blown! If you have ever wanted to access the untapped power of your mind and use it for the good of the world, then this presentation is for you. Discover how to break the self-imposed chains of limitation and unleash your own superpower. Strongman and motivational speaker Iron Tamer Dave Whitley, author of the book Superhuman YOU, shares a proven 3-step process to achieve any goal to become the superhuman version of yourself.

Audience members will cheer as they witness mind-blowing feats of strength (like bending wrenches and horse shoes). Using these feats as an illustration, Dave talks about how he went from being a chubby kid with a stutter to a steel-bending superhuman. The audience will come away understanding how to use the same process to decide what they really want, how to stop sabotaging their own progress and accomplish anything that they desire.

Protege Sales Bootcamp
Derek Hayden

The Protégé Sales Bootcamp is designed to give agents and agencies a proven roadmap for building a successful sales strategy.  The course will utilize modern selling concepts and technology to give attendees an edge over their competition. By taking this bootcamp, agents will be able to zero in their sales game by creating a focused process to stand out in their marketplace.


Best Version Possible
Brent Kelly

The blueprint for achieving even greater profit and impact your agency, with less effort...

What is your independent insurance agency's best version possible? Based on his new book written with Roger Sitkins, Brent Kelly will encourage and challenge your audience to gain clarity, build consistency, and make a commitment to achieve ultimate peak agency performance.

Brent will share the Best Version Possible process and how to begin to implement this proven process to every member of your agency team focusing on four key areas:

  • Alignment - Creating your high performance team
  • Green Zone - Unleashing your sales capacity
  • Retain and Referrals - Keeping and replicating your best clients
  • Obtain - Positioning yourself the category of one in your marketplace