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EDGE Conference

Approved for 8 Hours IL CE

Daily Victories
John Nichols

Through John’s personal story telling, you will learn how live a life of empowered relationships from the INSIDE-OUT. By implementing the strategies, you can choose the mental, physical and spiritual life that you want now and forever. This highly energized presentation will capture your heart, open your mind and touch your soul while inspiring to achieve your dreams and goals while living the life that is truly life.

Audience learning Points:
  1. Five Strategies for building your business 
  2. The mindset and specific tactics to overcome adversity
  3. Elements to building deeper personal & professional relationships
  4. Proven sales process
  5. Creating a fulfilling and balanced life

Referrals... Without Asking
Stacey Brown-Randall
There are many ways to generate leads or prospects to fill your pipeline. From traditional business development tactics like cold calling, networking events, leads groups to newer techniques like social selling, social media ads and thought leadership. While many of the traditional methods and new techniques work, one method is consistently overlooked.


The reason generating referrals from clients and COis (Centers of Influence) is typically overlooked is because of old-school advice we have believed for years. Either we have been taught referrals are random, sporadic, something you cannot control, or we have been taught the only way to control them is to ask for them. 

But what if there was another way? What if you didn't have to ask? Join Stacey Brown Randall for a discussion on her 5-step process to generate referrals without asking. 

Productivity Demystified
Stacey Brown-Randall
Do you ever get to the end of the day and wonder: "Where did the time go?" or "I know I worked all day, but what did I do?" Being busy doesn't mean you are being productive. How you invest your time, get work done and manage information overload directly impacts your ability to be successful. Taking control isn't just for "natural" planners and to do list makers ... using brain science and proven techniques everyone can work within their natural style to take control and use time efficiently.

In this presentation you will learn:
  • The truth behind common brain myths and how the brain actually works
  • Understand the three areas that cause us to be less productive
  • Deep dive into prioritization and building your calendar around it while allowing for fire drills, emergencies and interruptions.
  • Using the 4Q method to manage weekly planning
  • Best email practices that you can implement immediately

Dare to be Different
Matt O'Neill

In today's dog-eat-dog business environment, it is essential that agents stand out in a crowded marketplace... to separate themselves from their competition. Simply put, to be different!

In Dare to be Different, Matt O'Neill will convey that price is the enemy of differentiation. By definition, being different is worth something. Consumers are willing to pay a premium, redefine the buyer/seller relationship, erect barriers to the seller's competitors and establish the seller as a trusted advisor when a differentiated platform offers perceived value in the marketplace. 

Dare to be Different is a program filled with diagnostic and consultative strategies focused on navigating the inner workings of a business or family to identify previously unrecognized issues to deliver unanticipated risk mitigation solutions. 

Ten Secrets to Peak Producer Performance
Matt O'Neill

Are you at peak performance? Is your potential being realized? In this engaging and soul searching program, Matt O’Neill will uncover the “10 secrets to peak producer performance.

A Peak Performer is one who is maximizing his or her potential for success. Peak Performers go about their business with clarity and a sense of excitement, purpose, passion and pride. While these individuals come from all walks of life and have differing skill sets, they share these secrets to success. Through this program, you will learn strategies to significantly increase your new business hit ratio, create a steady flow of qualified new business referrals and reduce outside competition on key accounts. Shhh… it’s a secret!