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Diversity & Inclusion ScholarshipFinding new, qualified talent is often an agency owner’s biggest hurdle. IIA of IL has assembled the following resources to help agencies find high-quality recruits using the latest tools and technology. Stand out as an employer of choice when your hiring process is easy-to-navigate and uses online and mobile-friendly tools. Find everything you need to identify, recruit, hire, and assess top-performing producers and CSRs here.

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Insurance Agency Remote Staffing Solutions 
Employment Testing and Assessments

Hiring and Assessment Software

CareerPlug’s hiring software helps agents attract more qualified candidates, identify the right candidates with confidence, and improve hiring results.

CareerPlug will provide Association members access to a free account that can be used to post jobs, manage applicants, and improve the organizations’ employment brand. Association members can also access a “Pro” version of CareerPlug for a special rate to take hiring to the next level.

Full-Service Insurance Recruiting

IdealTraits Professional Services offers full service professional talent acquisition for your agency. IdealTraits will conduct market research to create, post, and manage custom job ads that drive a high volume of quality candidates in your area. Account specialists will connect and engage with all candidates and administer the IdealTraits assessment, review the results and resume, and conduct phone screens to send qualified candidates for you to interview and hire.

Ranahan Business Consulting, Inc. offers an entire recruiting team devoted to your agency to develop job ads, source candidates, review for viability, schedule and conduct telephone interviews, send feedback and deploy pre-hire assessments.

Insurance DIY Hiring Toolkits

Big I HiresBig "I" Hires DIY Hiring Toolkit guides you through the entire hiring process from preparing and launching your search, through screening and ultimately hiring and onboarding your next great team member.

This isn’t a generic collection of materials. Big “I” has worked extensively with a top HR firm and a focus group of well-respected and high-performing agency employees to develop the right resources for personal and commercial lines producers and CSRs. These tools and full toolkit don't only explain how, they include customizable downloads to get you on track in minutes.

Insurance Agency Remote Staffing Solutions

WAHVE is an innovative contract staffing talent solution. WAHVE matches pretiring, experienced, trained and knowledgeable insurance professionals with retail agents, E&S wholesale broker and MGA clients based on specific job needs. WAHVE delivers “pretiring” talent to fill most any insurance position and at a cost-savings.

WAHVE has qualified thousands of insurance industry “pretirees” who are eager to extend their careers working from home. Wahves are there for you for the long-term and on a dedicated basis. From account managers, to CSRs, bookkeepers, marketers and more, WAHVE has experienced talent to fit your needs.

Employment Testing and Assessments

Are skills sets appropriately matched to the job? Evaluate each candidate’s knowledge and personality and then determine sales ability and performance potential with insurance hiring tools brought to you by: