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Get the latest news from the Capitol by Director of Government Relations, Evan Manning.

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IIAPAC is one of three important areas of our industry-leading government relations program: a strong presence at the capitol by our lobbyist, the active grassroots participation of our members and financial assistance to deserving candidates. During the past several years, your Association has enacted several laws directly benefiting your agency.

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InsurPac is the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA). It was established in 1975 to complement IIABA’s legislative program, and has since become the largest property-casualty insurance industry PAC in the country. InsurPac is one of the reasons that the Big “I” is routinely rated in Fortune magazines top-25 list of most successful lobbying groups in Washington, DC.

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The IIA of IL Government Relations Program consists of three major elements: 

  1. a strong presence in the capitol by our lobbyist
  2. financial assistance to deserving candidates through our political action committee, IIAPAC
  3. the active grassroots participation of our members

Laws and regulations that most directly impact our members are passed at the state level. Thus, having a strong presence at the state capitol, supporting deserving candidates through IIAPAC, and having an active grassroots effort are integral to the success of our advocacy efforts.

The IIA of IL Director of Government Relations works with our volunteer Government Relations Committee to develop and identify legislation impacting the insurance industry, agents and brokers, as well as our policyholders across the state.

Lobbying is a key component to any successful organization, especially in Illinois. Interests opposed to some of our priorities spend millions of dollars each year on lobbying and political campaign contributions in an effort to attack the insurance industry and the small business owners we often sell to. Our CEO, Phil Lackman, the Director of Education and Agency Resources, Brett Gerger, and the Director of Government Relations, Evan Manning, are all registered in-house lobbyists who work tirelessly to execute our legislative agenda. Not only does our team lobby the legislature but we work closely with the Illinois Department of Insurance, constitutional offices and dozens of state agencies.

While Legislative Session only lasts 6 months each year, government advocacy is a year-round activity. Much of the off session is used to research regulations and impending legislation as well as refining our goals, work with interested parties on legislative pursuits, and nurturing relationships with the elected body. Furthermore, our government relations team fields questions from membership on an on-going basis and seek resolutions to problems confronted by members.

The IIA of IL actively hosts regional legislative receptions where we invite local legislators and members to engage with one another as well as learn about legislation and regulations affecting our members. This is one of many ways to get involved in our grassroots campaign. Grassroots advocacy is continually proving its effectiveness as a key element to a successful legislative strategy. No other single influence has as much impact on legislators as informed communications from concerned constituents at a critical point in the legislative process.

Membership with the IIA of IL provides the organization with the means to be a credible voice in Springfield and in Washington D.C.  The IIA of IL was established on August 2, 1899 and is the largest state trade association for independent insurance agents throughout the state. With your continued support through membership and IIAPAC contributions we can continue to be a credible voice for independent insurance agents in Illinois.

Make a commitment to yourself and your career. Become involved in the political process.