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Additional Cyber-Related Information

Independent insurance agents and brokers must properly collect and protect sensitive client information every day. This means complying with state and federal regulations as well as adhering to customer service best practice standards.

Check out the cyber-related information, sourced by the IIA of IL Technology Committee, experienced staff at IIA of IL and the Big "I" in the Solution Center, click here.

What Would You Do If Your Agency Had A Data Breach?

80% of businesses fail to recover from a breach because they do not know this answer.  Responding to a breach is a complicated process that requires assistance from many different professionals.  Failure to notify the affected individuals without unreasonable delay could cost your agency up to $1,500,000 in fines from government agencies.  Add this to the $200,000 average cost to comply with notification laws, the legal liability and the reputational harm caused by the breach and you can quickly see how this exposure can be devastating to your agency.

IIA of IL/Agents Insurance Services Offer TWO Exceptional Cyber Liability Products
Specifically designed to meet the needs of the Independent Agent

Agency Coverage Beazley

Agency or Client Coverage Coalition

Coverage for Member Agencies

IIA of IL/AIS has partnered with Arlington/Roe & Co., Inc. to offer our members an exclusive program to help protect their agencies from information security breaches. This program is a holistic risk management process that will help train your staff on privacy compliance in addition to handling data breach notification and 3rd party suits. This program offers the following benefits:

  • No Encryption Requirement
  • HIPAA Compliance Tools
  • Step-by-Step Procedures for Compliance
  • Newsletters
  • Data Breach Coach to Help with Notification
  • Forensic Investigators
  • Privacy Counsel
  • Call Center
  • Credit Restoration Services
  • Online Compliance Materials
  • Staff Training Programs
  • Expert Support Online
  • Regulatory Fines & Penalties
  • Public Relations Firm
  • Notification Costs Outside Limit of Liability
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Security & Privacy Liability

*some restrictions apply. Agencies over $5M in revenue, over 25% benefits or with prior losses need to be underwritten.

Beazley New Business App

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Coverage for Member Agencies or Agency Clients


Big “I” Markets has partnered with Coalition to bring a cyber market to IIA of IL members that protects the agency or agency clients and goes above and beyond a standard BOP endorsement. From sole proprietors to multimillion dollar corporations, Coalition is the cyber market solution you’ve been waiting for!

Coalition provides world-class technical know-how to help prevent, mitigate, and respond to cyber incidents. Coalition is the first insurance-enabled technology firm built to help businesses before, during and after a cyber incident.

Product Highlights:

  • Free Cybersecurity Monitoring, Alerts, and Tools
  • No Minimum Premium
  • Quote & Bind in Minutes
  • Admitted & Non-Admitted Availability
  • Comprehensive & Unique Industry First Coverages
  • Broad Underwriting Appetite
  • Free Breach Response Services
  • In-House Incident Response Team
  • Agency Billed
  • Agent Resources & Marketing

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How to Request a Coalition Cyber Quote