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Trusted Choice is the nationally recognized brand for Independent Agents. Branding yourself as a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent shows your clients and prospects that you are adhering to a certain set of standards set forth in the Trusted Choice Pledge of Performance. We encourage you to use the Pledge of Performance, or portions of it, in your marketing materials and on your website. View the Pledge of Performance here.

Trusted Choice provides a suite of FREE resources to assist member agents with marketing efforts, funding and more so they can be more competitive in the marketplace.

Trusted Choice Illinois and NCAA Athletes Partner for Awareness Campaign

April marked the end of the IIA of IL’s first campaign with MOGL - a marketplace connecting college athletes with brands everywhere. With help from a grant from Trusted Choice, the IIA of IL created a campaign with athletes to explain the importance of an Independent Insurance Agent.

The MOGL team, with input from IIA of IL staff, reached out to many college athletes, starting with those from Illinois or attending college in Illinois, and then expanded to well-known national schools..

In all, 17 college athletes posted to their social media feeds on the importance of a Trusted Choice Independent Agent. The goal in this campaign was to not only explain the difference between an independent and captive agent, but to also encourage these young athlete’s followers to visit to find a local agent.

View the wrap up video below.


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