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Check out this award receipt from 1959!


The Charles M. Cartwright Merit Award is considered the most prestigious award the IIA of IL presents. Named for Charles Cartwright, editor of the National Underwriter for more than 50 years, and champion of associations and the insurance industry, the award is presented at discretion of the IIA of IL Executive committee to the “Person who has performed the most meritorious service to the insurance industry in Illinois.” 
Since the award’s inception in 1944, there have been 19 years in which no Cartwright Award was presented. The tradition of the award dictates that it only be awarded when a truly deserving candidate is identified.


1944 Herbert L. Regan, Joliet
1946 Lyle H. Gift, Peoria
1949 Walter M. Sheldon, Chicago
1951 Merle A. Read, Joliet
1952 Emil L. Lederer, Chicago
1953 Alvin S. Keys, Springfield
1954 Alan I. Wolff, Chicago
1955 Frank H. Hawk, Peoria
1956 Lyman M. Drake, Jr., Chicago
1957 H. W. Mullins, CPCU, Rockford
1958 W. H. “Red” Redeker, Centralia
1959 Joseph F. Prola, Springfield
1962 Frank R. Miley, CPCU, Chicago
1963 Robert L. Newell, CPCU, Ashland
1964 Harry C. Parrish, Paris
1965 N. McCullough Winters, Quincy
1966 James S. Woodworth, Jr., CPCU, Robinson
1968 Sanford H. Lederer, CPCU, Chicago
1969 Thomas K. Spraque, Jr., Joliet
1970 Robert L. Shade, Decatur
1971 George J. Nicoud, Springfield
1972 Robert B. Stitt, Palos Heights
1973 Calvin W. Schuneman, CPCU, Prophetstown
1974 Eugene F. Gallagher, Chicago
1975 Peter M. Wolff, Chicago
1976 Jack W. Gift, Peoria
1977 Warren Osenberg, DeKalb
1978 Jack Payan, CPCU, Palos Heights
1981 Jack E. Deveau, CPCU, Rockford
1982 Gerald L. Butts, CPCU, Moline
1983 William L. Laird, CPCU, Batavia
1985 L. Dwayne Query, Rochelle
1986 Richard B. Baker, CPCU, Chicago
1987 Arthur L. Tyler, Champaign
1988 James M. Hardesty, Peoria 
1989 Marvin Marsh, Champaign
1991 Roy E. Robinson, CPCU, CAE, Springfield
1993 Edward W. Bowman, Burr Ridge
1993 David H. Nixon, CIC, Peoria
1995 Don Blank, Olney
1997 Sharon Heaton, CIC, Pontiac
1998 Ronald M. Whitaker, CIC, New Lenox
1999 Dale W. McNeely, Taylorville
2001 John Alexander, CIC, Danville
2003 David Lacine, CPCU, Elmhurst
2005 Kenneth E. Wagler, LUTCF, Peoria
2006 Daniel Pancake, Chicago
2007 Gary Semmer, CIC, Glen Ellyn
2008 Dino Gavanes, CIC, Itasca
2010 Paul Verisario, CPIA, Des Plaines
2011 Gene Sberna, CIC, Lake Forest
2012 Julie Hearring, CIC, Olney
2013 Brian M. McSherry, CIC, Flanagan
2014 Chuck Schramm, CIC, Deerfield
2015 Dennis Garrett, CIC, Taylorville
2017 Cynthia K. Jackman, CIC, Carbondale
2018 Luke F. Praxmarer, CPCU, AAI, Elk Grove Village
2019 Kenneth M. Samson, CIC, Northbrook
2022 Rick Sutton, Petersburg
2023 Greg Sandrock, Tampico
Note: There were no recipients of the award for the following years: 1945, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1960, 1961, 1967, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2009, 2016, 2020 and 2021.